A Double Magick is a type of Grey Magick, and a hidden, secondary school of magic, with its own spells and capabilities, available only to those who has the skill to both learn two different schools of magic to at least a moderate level, and the capacity to use both magicks at the same time to learn. In using a double magick, you draw from the power of both schools, most spells involving energies released halfway from each. Some magicks combine easier than others, and some can't combine even at all.

A running theme in many Double Magick schools are underlying philosophies related to the powerful aspects of each magick school in question that allow them to unify into their own singular, unified school. Some individuals even draw parallels between the combination of the wielded and the enlightenment of the wielder. This argument is slightly supported by Double Magick's tendency to draw power from much of the power held within the mage, alongside the magical energies used to cast, though one could argue that the common core schools already do that in the first place. Listed below are different schools of double magicks, their required energies used to cast, their capabilities, and their theoretical philosophical meanings.

Umbramancy/Astromancy - OptomancyEdit


"In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king."

What happens when the energies of darkness and light collide? Day and Night. Presence and Absence. Positivity and Negativity. Black and White. Existence and Nothingness. Just as the endless depths of the sky can be bright or dark, so too can the depths of the soul.

And the eyes are windows to the soul.

Optomancy is classified as the art of vision, both Sensory and Illusory. It's the magick that allows one the capacity to create false images, just as it is the magick that allows one to perceive past them. Skilled optomancers can create vivid illusions and hallucinations, peer through stone, look across nations, render themselves or other objects invisible, see behind their very own backs, etc. It is rumored that the most powerful masters of this magick can see across generations, read the past and the future, peer into your very soul, and fabricate entire lifetimes as an illusion. However, no optomancer this powerful is known of or has ever been discovered. (Likely because they're very well hidden) However, many powerful optomancers still exist, and are out there, it's just that if they don't want to be sought out, they won't be found. This ability is tied very heavily to another stat: Perception. The visual ability of the mage casting, or the victim receiving, the spell can weaken or strengthen the magick.

Geomancy/Aeromancy - KinemancyEdit

Fus ro dah

"Fus Ro DAH!!!"

Earth and Air, similarly to darkness and light, are elements that one would often describe as being contradictory. Where mountains stand stand firm against the strongest opposition, the wind flows into the opposition, allowing itself to be carried along with it. Where the earth would take the force, the air would move around it. Whether to stand resolute or go with the flow, force is always in question.

Kinemancy is just that: Force. When a Kinemancy spell is cast, the wielder is either summoning strength from his very own inner depths of power, and unleashing it, or he is enforcing his will over the power around him, bringing it within himself: Push and Pull.

The greatest enemy to a beginner Kinemancer, unfortunately, is Newton's third law. For every powerful shove he summons, he unleashes this same shove unto himself, and for every person he drags toward himself, he himself is dragged towards that person. However, over time, your affinity with and ability to fight against the third law grows, as does your ability to endure and properly utilize your own force of will. (Making Resilience a very important stat for any kinemancer) Expert kinemancers can stand firm against their own mighty shoves, not budging an inch whilst their enemies are sent flying. They also grow skilled in utilizing the knockback from their spells to their advantage, launching themselves into the air or holding themselves firm to the ground through their willpower.

Pyromancy/Fulgurmancy - DynamancyEdit


He was always the energetic type.

A scary thing, energy is. Whether through the burning heat of ravaging flames or the precise destructing of a bolt of lightning, it's pretty safe to say the power that can run through you can just as easily be the power that can run you through. However, if one mage could learn and control the two most destructive magicks known, somehow obtaining dominance over the most passionate and hyperactive energies in existence (Fire & Lightning, respectively), their blending would blast open the pathway to obtaining one of the most absurdly dangerous yet absurdly awe-inspiring powers in magick's existence: Dynamancy.

Dynamancy, the energy magick, is a rare ability to see in mages, masters of the art even rarer.. Not because they don't actively seek out its awesome capabilities, but because surviving the tribulations necessary to obtain it (and the dangers of using the power obtained) is not an easy feat. Dynamancy is the unleashing of power in its purest form, after all, and not many can be said as being up to the challenge. Its capabilities can range from pouring your energy into solid objects to make explosives, blasting pure energy from your fingertips, etc. The source of its strength comes from the wielder's inner power and the wielder's inner power alone. You can't draw it from anyone else, from the life around you, from the energy in the stars, or anything like that. It all comes from the sparks in your mind and the flames in your belly. At least, that's what the few practitioners of the craft explain it as. As such, it's powerful capabilities are affected by enlightenment and enlightenment alone.

As mentioned before, masters of the craft are about as easy to find as a needle made of ice hidden inside a flaming haystack. Those who are proven worthy to learn its capabilities are often maimed, crippled, or even killed sheerly by not being careful. Blowing yourself up, overpowering your mana pool, overenergizing to the point of self-inflictd pain, they are all common ways that the magick can backfire. Due to the lack of masters, many aspiring dynamancers are forced to be self taught, greatly increasing the already large risk that these people take on. Still, mastering this double magick is not impossible, and the great challenge that you face in learning it should say something about the reward one can reap from expertise in the art.

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