Siwang Aito is ShadedPhantom99's Draconis Alma of Death.

Appearance Edit

Siwang often wears a long black trenchcoat, though he recently has been wearing black and purple robes. Siwang's trenchcoat has shapes of flames going up his cloak which lies under his Trenchcoat, sticking out at the end. He wears a small necklace that on the end has the symbol of the yin and yang, also wearing the same symbol on his ring. When the black circle and the white circle glow in each side of the sign on his necklace and ring, full Siwang unlocks, releasing his true Draconis Alma form. He stands at 6"2.

6"2. 6" 2 units

Personality Edit

Siwang is a dark and depressed character, his presence brings misery and wipes out all happiness when he is near. Unless he is cheered up by his friends, then he is carefree and happy, no matter where he is. He is truly loyal to his friends and would do anything for them, even die.

Siwang is over confident, yet even if he isn't he is still powerful. Siwang is always dark and depressed, mysterious in a way. He never talks unless needed to. He reacts to situations fast and always picks a fight with anyone he can. 

History Edit

When Siwang was born he never knew his mother, being born into the farmlands. He grew up to the age of 6 on his farm. One night Siwang had been out farming near the house as he heard fighting and things falling things over, rushing upstairs he saw his father laying there covered in blood, there was then a smash and a dark shadow bolted from a window, chasing after it over his father's dead body, he was infuriated. Chasing it to the mountains, he struck it down onto the ground, a blade through his chest, as it lied dead still, he noticed it to be his now dead uncle Harok. Questions rushed through his mind. At that moment he thought of nothing but running away, soaked in blood he fled to the far mountains. At that moment the Dragon God Orainak landed on the mountains behind him. Speaking to him, he ended up taking Siwang in for his own and raising him as the Draconis Alma of Death, giving him his Dragon Blood. Then is when the Dragon God of Darkness, Zane attacked and made the Dragon God's flee, the Draconis Alma were scattered. Siwang ended up in a strange country, Kritana. Wondering Kritana his fate brought him upon a strange character. Aero Hono. At first, Siwang knowing nothing but hate and despair for Aero. In the end, Aero won, because Aero was more experienced. Siwang came to realise Aero was one of his kin. One of the Draconis Alma.

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