In order to allow for fair roleplaying and limited the number of overpowered characters, Kritana uses a statistics system to determine a character's physical and magical abilities. All characters must follow this system unless they receive approval from two administrators; administrators cannot self-approve their characters and must seek the approval of two other admins.

Statistics Points Edit

Granted Points are the amount of points a roleplayer is allowed to implement into any of the statistics categories. Net Points represent how many total points including negative ones are gained to a statistic class (net points are equal to the total number of positive points plus the absolute value of the total number of negative points). Typically, can be awarded anywhere from zero to ten points, excluding certain racial bonuses that can allow points to go below zero or above 10. Giving 3 points to a statistic category is considered average ability, excluding the Resilience and Enlightenment classes; a 3 in these categories is equal to the magical ability of a an apprentice practitioner of magic.

Statistics Category Properties Edit

Statistic CategoryDescriptionCharacteristics of Low ValueCharacteristics of High Value
Resiliance (RES)How hard a character takes a hit. How large a character's mana pool is.Easily wounded and defeated when hitCan take a ton of damage before being defeated. Also has a large mana pool
Agility (AGL)How swiftly a character can move and how nimble s/he is.Clumsy and slow to react, as if the character is wearing banana peel shoesGifted in the arts of stealth and dexterity. Incredibly nimble and quick
Perception (PER)How quickly a character can find weakness it its opponent or spot enemies from afarSlow to spot enemies or notice changes during a fightCan see incredibly well in almost any condition
Enlightenment (ENL)How magically potent a character is. This is not related to the size of the mana pool but instead to the strength of a spell.Very prone to magical attacks of any kindEasily able to create powerful magic spells and attacks
Strength (STR)How hard a character can physically hit and how much s/he can carry. If a character wants to wear heavy armor, they must have a high strength statLack fitness in any wayCan comfortably wear armor and carry heavy weapons. Can also deal heavier damage in a fight.

Racial Bonuses and Statistics Limits Edit

All players are required to choose a race while roleplaying at Kritana. Users who want to roleplay with a race not listed here will fall under the "Any Race" option and will receive a maximum of 30 stats points. Roleplayers do not need to take the racial statistics of the race they are roleplaying, though it is encouraged to enhance diversity of characters.

RaceGrated PointsNet PointsBonus ResilianceBonus AgilityBonus PerceptionBonus EnlightenmentBonus Strength
Any Race303000000
Human283331 -102
Elf28331113 -1
Orc2633420 -34