The Gods are as mysterious as they are powerful. They are incredibly different from one another, from the amorous Deity of Love, to the fiery tempered Deity of Flame. Each of them have many secrets, some too dangerous to ever reveal to mortal minds, let alone their eyes.

The hierarchy of the Gods is very simple. Creation Gods are by far, the most important Gods. no decisions go by without their approval. The Emotion and Elemental Gods are about the same. The Race Gods are the least important.

There are four groups of The Gods. The groups and the Gods' names will be listed below.

Creation Gods Edit

These Deities are dedicated to creating, destoying and maintaining people and all life in general.

Life - Aurul Edit

Aurul (oor-ull)

Death - Karn Edit

Karn (Kay-urn)

Law - Jaspain Edit

Jaspain (Jasp-ain)

Elemental/Natural Gods Edit

There is a God for every element. However, all elements are derived from the main four-Fire, Air, Water and Earth. The others are considered as Minor Gods.

Fire - Bendella Edit


Water - Leviathan Edit


Earth - Geo Edit


Air - Aurora Edit


Light - Solus Edit


Dark - Aieon Edit


Blood - Agana Edit

Metal - Blade Edit

Energy - Isel Edit

Sensory - Haern Edit

Ice - Athos Edit

Emotions Edit

Emotional Gods are incredibly important. They control all of the major and minor occurances in a person's life.

War - Ares Edit

Love - Vekar Edit

Madness - Pyrin Edit

Lust - Glutton Edit

Secrets - Edit

Sorrow - Edit

Pain - Edit

Loyalty - Edit

Knowledge - Edit

Races Edit

Each race has their own representation within the Pantheon of the Gods. Usually it is a person who has either done great deeds in their life, or has sacrificed something to achieve Godhood. When the Creation Gods create a new race, a representatioin will not appear until one of the Gods find a worthy candidate.

Human Edit

Elf Edit

Dwarf Edit

Vampire Edit

Werewolf Edit

Cheru Edit

=== Dema

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